Remote mixing terms and conditions

Receiving the audio

Please send audio files what ever bit depth and sample rate the project was recorded at.
Please ensure that all the files are exported from bar zero in your DAW, so they all line up correctly.

Please bypass all effects and processing when exporting, if a particular effect is integral to the sound of a part please provide two files of that part, one with and one without the effect.

I can also accept Pro Tools sessions.

Please feel free to provide a rough / guide mix.

Test Mix

I'm always happy to work on a test basis for a new client or project.
I will provide an MP3 of my mix in a pre-agreed time frame via a goggle drive link.

After I provide the MP3 you will need to decide if you want to proceed, asking for any changes and tweaks to the mix constitutes acceptance of my work and a commitment to payment for the mix work.

Album / EP projects

For projects of three tracks or more I will require 50% of the agreed fee upfront before starting the work, unless otherwise agreed.

Working process

Through out the process I will send reference MP3s for you to comment on, I'm happy to make as many changes and tweaks until you sign off on the mix.


I will try to complete the work in the agreed time fame, but occasionally things take a little longer to get right dependent on the number of changes you require.

On completion of the mix work I will provide full two full quality WAV versions of the mixes, at whatever sample rate and bit depth you require via a google drive link

One of the files will be a full quality WAV version of the reference MP3, the other will be the Mix without my master buss limiter, this version should be used to master from.
I will also provide an instrumental versions of the mixes if required.

I will only send the final WAV versions of the mixes after receiving the full agreed payment for the project.


I'm often asked to provide full mix stems of my mix for remixes or for use as part of a live set up.

Due to the nature of my mix set up, using both Pro Tools and analogue equipment, stems have to be made in real time and are quite time consuming to produce, for this reason providing full stems of my mixes is charged at 10% of the agreed total project fee.

I work using a hybrid multi parallel mix bus and combined parallel processor send system, recombining the stems may not be a 100% accurate recall of the mix.


I will try and keep back up of the mix sessions for as long as possible. I can't guarantee any long term back up or long term recall.

How to make payment

payment to be received in GBP via PayPal or bank transfers.

All PayPal / Transfer free and/or exchange rate fees must be covered